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Negotiation Matters Inc helps business owners improve profits by reducing excessive administrative costs via targeted vendor negotiations. 

We help you buy the best quality at the best price. 

332 S Michigan Ave  Ste 1032-N600 Chicago, IL 60604

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We have the skills and experience necessary to extract incremental value from your contractual relationships. With a minimal investment of time from you (and/or your team), we research whether you are receiving the best pricing and terms available in the current market. We're dedicated to buying the best quality at the best price and direct our efforts accordingly. We bring fresh perspective and energy and are ready to start with a specific area of concern, or take a step back with a clean slate and assess your susceptible expense categories.

Please consider five questions:

  1. Are you responsible for the financial success of your organization and focused on high risk opportunities and threats?

  2. May there be opportunities to reduce General & Administrative expenses while achieving the same or better quality and service?

  3. Does your purchasing function have limited bandwidth and/or skill set?

  4. When was the last time you verified you are receiving competitive rates on your set it and forget it contracts like payment processing, cellular, utilities, office supplies, and other recurring agreements that often include escalating vendor profit over time?

  5. Perhaps you suspect some money is being left on the table, but have not revisited agreements because you are not sure you will get a good return on your investment?


We know how to deal with clients and interested third parties, and customize our approach based on the specific circumstances at hand. When there are meaningful relationships that require delicate handling, we do so with care. In most cases, it's a perfect opportunity to practice the Good Cop / Bad Cop routine and achieve meaningful savings while maintaining positive relationships. 

The risk/reward evaluation of utilizing our services is clear. We can either generate incremental value from your contracts, or provide you with a no-charge assessment confirming you are receiving competitive pricing which will provide you with positive assurance and improve your level of confidence

Please contact us to obtain our input on your situation. 

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